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Business Overview (Introduction)

The sanitaryware market in India has grown rapidly during the last 5-6 years, with key players doubling their production capacities. India has emerged as a major bath and sanitaryware market in the Asia-Pacific region.

The organized sector comprises more than half of the total market by value. The major threat for the industry is from the unorganized sector, which provides products at low prices. In terms of market value, organized players lead the market but on the other hand in terms of volume, unorganized players hold the major share.

Housing and institutional sectors are the major growth drivers. At present, housing demand is rapidly rising and with increasing purchasing power people have started taking interest in premium sanitaryware products. Sanitaryware demand comes from new projects as well as from replacement market.

The report analyzes the Indian sanitaryware market. It begins with a discussion of the worldwide sanitaryware market and then analyzes Indian sanitaryware segments. Apart from analyzing the key trends prevalent in the market, the report also discusses the major sectors in the market and growth drivers. It also profiles major players with a discussion of their key business strategies.

Asia/Pacific market to spur gains through 2013

Global demand for plumbing fixtures and fittings is forecast to advance 3.5 percent per annum through 2013 to more than $65 billion. The Asia/Pacific region will register the most rapid growth, as residential and nonresidential building construction spending in the area increases. Initiatives to expand water and sanitation networks in regional countries will further aid demand for plumbing products. A number of Asian countries are expected to post large gains, including China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

China alone will account for over onehalf of all new worldwide plumbing product demand between 2008 and 2013.

Residential market to be fastest growing end use

The residential market for plumbing products is projected to be the fastest growing end-use sector between 2008 and 2013. In industrialized regions, rising population levels and increased demand for urban housing will stimulate new residential construction activity. As disposable incomes in these areas rise, households will spend more on the improvement and repair of existing residences; as a result, outdated fixtures and fittings will be replaced more frequently. Among developed countries, the US will make the largest contribution to residential market growth. Following a period of sizable declines, both new residential construction activity and related product demand are expected to increase rapidly through 2013 from a low 2008 base.

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